Dance for a Difference - a bollywood dance workshop to support refugee children's education

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One of the most positive aspects of living in Hong Kong for refugees is that their children can continue their education up to the age of 18 years. However, as every parent knows, educating a child in this city requires a substantial financial commitment. While refugee children receive some support from the government there is no provision for all the other school-related items such as clothing (uniforms), shoes, stationery, school bags, activity fees, healthy lunches, administrative fees, and other costs associated with their learning.

Christian Action - Centre for Refugees supports 96 children in a year - totalling to HK480,000 a year in education support.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day, join us  to raise funds to support the education of refugee children in Hong Kong. Our goal is to raise HK$20,000 to help support 4 amazing children to thrive and succeed at school for a whole year. 

Due to limited space, not everyone will be able to attend 'Dance for a Difference' workshop, however you can support this cause and help us achieve our target of HK20,000 to ensure 4 refugee children can attend and succeed at school. Please remember that no amount is too small and to these amazing, bright children- every penny will make a big difference.



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