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In short, Foodiez is a networking platform that encourages university students to widen their nexus of friends while indulging in the comfort of sharing a meal together.

How does Foodiez work? 

Foodiez comes with two core functions; “Restaurant Search” and “People Nearby”.


The Restaurant Search function is targeted to those who prefer high quality cuisine and focuses on food-enthusiasts who enjoy trying new places whilst embracing the meal sharing culture. It is a reservation-based platform where users can select a restaurant they are interested in, set up a future event, then determine a quota for the amount of people permitted to participate. The event is then published on the platform, allowing those who are interested to join.

"People Nearby”, it is more of an instant-meal-based idea that allows users, who are interested in sharing a meal, to be matched together, according to their proximity. There is also a chatroom function to help people communicate and determine a meet up location. A quota is also set on the number of people you want to meet up at a certain time.

Who are we?

We are a group of students studying in Hong Kong who believe in bridging the chasm between people of varied backgrounds. We notice that there is a lack of inclusiveness and diversity amongst social cliques at universities in Hong Kong, which could be altered with the introduction of our social network service.

Our Team

Our team is composed of seven members, two of them are exchange students while the rest are local students. Despite the differences in nationalities, we all share the same difficulty in making friends in university. As students may have different schedules, it is extremely difficult to get familiar with one another. This problem has inspired us to develop Foodiez, an app that can serve as a bridge to link up people from varied background. 

Our team is divided into 3 sub-teams: 

App Development Team
- Alison (Year 4 in Marketing and Management)
- Bosco (Year 4 in Information System)
- Zanna (Year 2 in Management)

Marketing Team
- Carman (Year 4 in Marketing and Management)
- Katherine (Year 2 in Management)

Client Support Team
- Noreen (Year 3 in Business)
- Emily (Year 4 in Management)

Why do we need your help?

As we are all university students, even though we are passionate on bringing changes to Hong Kong’s universities, we do not have any sponsor or financial support to develop the application for Foodiez. We are lacking of the capital to pay for building a success of Foodiez, such as expertise in app development, fees for renting a back-end server.

Make A Change

While meeting people on social media may have seemed like an uncanny thing to practice, recent trends and shifts in lifestyles have pushed things in a different direction. We are here with a more unique and exciting way of stepping out of your comfort zone through interacting with those beyond your conventional reach. We sincerely invite you to join our campaign and make this a reality!

Your money will go towards

  • The app development for both IOS and Android

  • The back-end server including a server/host rental, API development and  Database design

  • Food related events and social meet ups

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Foodiez is an app that allows outgoing, food enthusiasts, who share like-mindedness preferences, to meet up and explore the world of food.

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    Place ads on Foodiez to promote your product / restaurant for a month! Your ads will display in our app and reach university students!

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