Emergency Food Drive

HKD 50,000 goal
HKD 370,385 raised
Campaign ended

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We believe that together we stand stronger!

This campaign started in January with the goal of raising $50,000 in five months to pay rent at our centre in Sheung Wan. It is our only fixed cost for a "home" that gives our society a reason to exist as without it we are dispersed and helpless. The original target was reached in a month thanks to the amazing support of our generous donors - thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Then the pandemic lockdown hit and we adapted to survive when government assistance let us down.

On 21 February 2022 we launched an "Emergency Food Drive" on our website and social media. It took off with astonish success and we are humbled daily by the generous support of former and new donors alike. Many more residents came to our rescue in a week than we previously experienced in a month and for this we are deeply grateful.

We linked the food drive to this ongoing campaign although the dollar target could not be raised. The new objective is to fight hunger and food insecurity in the refugee families we help. Frankly, cash donations are the most flexible support allowing us to purchase what we need from the cheaper ethnic shops in our neighbourhood. Thank you for your understanding.

Below is the original text of this campaign.

Refugee Union is the first self-organized group in Hong Kong where refugees help refugees. We registered as a society in 2014 to connect with Hong Kong residents and the community at large. We operate from a small centre in Sheung Wan where members and supporters meet and collaborate. It is an essential collective effort where your contribution makes a difference.

Refugee Union gathers over 2000 members from dozens of countries including more than 200 children. Our services are greatly limited by the donations we receive. We mainly support families as they are the most vulnerable and in need of greater assistance. 

The monthly government welfare is: $1500 for rent, $1200 for food, $300 for utilities and $200 for transport to official appointments. These amounts are unchanged since 2014. No support is provided for clothes, shoes, home fittings, cooking, cleaning, medicines and phones. Imagine, how do you cook without a stove and pots? How do you raise babies without diapers? How do you find shelter with $1500 monthly?

We plead for your financial support to make ends meet.

We pay $11,000 a month to rent our busy centre which is essential to receive and distribute donations. It is practically impossible to live without money in a city where everything has a price tag. We struggle below the poverty line and are banned from working under threat of 15 to 22 months in prison. We have designed four tables to explain how we spend the money we are lucky enough to receive. See: 

Through the Refugee Union we have the opportunity to directly reach out for assistance. We would be most grateful if you could contribute to this fundraiser so that we can strengthen our shared effort to support refugees. We are thankful that many of you have donated before as it shows that Hongkongers understand our predicament and are willing to help refugees. 

We are most grateful for your support!

You are warmly welcome to visit our centre and learn directly about the predicament in which we live. As refugees can't open bank accounts, so we appointed the registered charity “Drink For Justice” to receive and disburse these funds to us in full. This platform collects no fees either.

Kindly share this crowdfunding page with your friends and on social media as it is the best way create awareness and support our community effort. We believe that together we are stronger!

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Funds raised on this page will go to:

Refugee Union

We are the union of protection claimants in Hong Kong with the aim of safeguarding refugee rights and improving the protection, wellbeing and future prospect of all refugees.