Equipping The Migrant Domestic Workers with Our Care

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Equipping The Migrant Domestic Workers with Our Care


​Hong Kong is home to nearly 390,000 Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs), mostly women, from South and South-East Asia. They are a permanent feature of Hong Kong’s labour market, and fill an important gap in supporting our families, providing child and elderly care services. 

In 1993, Christian Action (CA) established our ministry for migrant domestic workers, and have since provided holistic support to over 200,000 number of consultations from women and men who may have been unfairly treated at work. 

Why fundraise for us?

We need your donation to run the following classes in 2019-2020 for the MDWs to equip them in their work life in Hong Kong: 

1. Paralegal Class (8 classes, 16 Sessions, 48 hours per year)

This class focuses on MDW’s legal rights in Hong Kong. Specifically, the MDWs are informed with knowledge of the Employment Contract, Employment Ordinance and other related regulation/ordinance. The paralegal pillar targets Indonesian and Sri Lankan nationals who work as MDWs in Hong Kong. It supports 240 beneficiaries from the Migrant Domestic Worker’s Society staying in Hong Kong.

2. Health Class (2 events, 4 hours per year)

This class focuses on providing MDWs with basic medical checkups and distribute the information of the Hong Kong health care system and Disabilities Discrimination Ordinance. It assists 100 beneficiaries from the Migrant Domestic Worker’s Society staying in Hong Kong.


Short-term: Legal rights and health resources will be more accessible to MDWs such that they know how and when to use it. It will enhance the MDWs’ knowledge on legal rights in Hong Kong to protect their well-being, and access health resources with immediate support.

Long-term: They will understand where to seek assistance from and take initiative to care about their health with medical support. They can inform other MDWs and the community can be better supported by their society.


Case to share

Siti worked for two employers in HK and returned to her home country. When she returned it was to work for her third employer. Siti expected a similar work experience, but was shocked to discover a video camera concealed in her shower area.

Siti tried to remove the camera or turn it off, but her employer ordered her to leave it on. Siti knew she needed help, but after a visit to the police she had nowhere else to turn. That led her to Christian Action's Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) Centre in February 2017.

With the help of CA staff, she was able to file a claim with the Labour Department because she was entitled to her wages, annual leave, severance pay, and travel expenses back to her place of origin. In March 2017, Siti's case was brought to justice and she received all that she was owed.

Siti is just one of the many migrant workers we have assisted. In addition to para-legal advice, our centre provides education, workshops, and training. All this helps to empower migrant workers, so that they understand the laws as well as their rights and responsibilities.


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Funds raised on this page will go to:

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