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Donate to the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation.

Giving patients with speech disorder
a chance to speak again!



We hope that all stroke survivors can restore their life roles and enjoy a quality social life.



After a stroke, patients often lack suitable therapies and support for their recovery, especially in speech therapy. Current speech therapy in Hong Kong mainly focuses on early-age children. Adult speech therapy is actually in high demand and not affordable for less advantaged stroke survivors. Therefore, irrespective of age, stroke survivors may miss the golden recovery period of rehabilitation.

A continuous and affordable speech therapy programme will help stroke patients with problems on producing or understanding speech to resume their communication ability, thus to talk to others normally and express their feelings.

Make a donation now and you can help persons in need to speak again!

• HK$250 can subsidize 1 patient to receive a one-hour training

• HK$1000 can subsidize 4 patients to receive a one-hour training

• HK$4000 can subsidize 1 patient to receive a full training program





• HK$250可以幫助1名患者接受一小時言語治療訓練

• HK$1000可以幫助4名患者接受一小時言語治療訓練

• HK$4000可以幫助1名患者接受完整言語治療訓練計劃



Funds raised on this page will go to:

香港復康會 | The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

Charitable organization founded in 1959 that aims to empower persons with disabilities or health challenges to live a fulfilling life

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  • 幫助1名患者接受一小時言語治療訓練 Subsidize 1 Patient To Receive A One-hour Training

    HKD 250      Goodwill

    5 claimed

  • 幫助4名患者接受一小時言語治療訓練 Subsidize 4 Patients To Receive A One-hour Training

    HKD 1000      Goodwill

    5 claimed

  • 幫助1名患者接受完整言語治療訓練計劃 Subsidize 1 Patient To Receive A Full Training Program

    HKD 4000      Goodwill

    1 claimed