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Let's Support Organic Urban Farming in Hong Kong with GrowingSmart

HKD 20000 goal
HKD 20500 raised
Campaign ended

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Where to find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/growingsmart.hk/

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Funds raised on this page will go to:


We hope to help Hong Kongers re-connect to their food source - maybe even start farming in Hong Kong again! :) We are interested in healing our food, our health, our land and our communities - all at the same time.

Get Perks
  • A Packet Of Local Seeds + Annual Planting Calendar

    HKD 200      Physical

    Planting seeds in the correct season is vital for many reasons. Mostly, your seeds are unlikely to germinate if you plant out of season. Then - even if they do germinate - they may be devoured by pests which are awake now! Get your home-growing off to a good start by signing up to an annual planting calendar which will guide you in the right direction.

    3 claimed

  • A Packet Of Local, Seasonal Organic Seeds

    HKD 100      Physical

    There are a few suppliers selling local organic vegetable seeds in Hong Kong. We will send you a packet of these seeds so that you can start growing something on your balcony! Growing your own food is the beginning of a journey you will never regret!

    9 claimed

  • Fresh Veggie Box From The First Season's Harvest

    HKD 500      Physical

    We are still experimenting with what we can grow and how much of it we can produce on the small farming area that we have (we currently only have 10 * 5m beds). However, our plan is to stay intentionally small initially, get the metrics we need and then have all of the data and experience to scale up on a managed basis.

    Be one of the first to get any veggies we produce!

    You will need to come to us to pick up your veggies... but you will also be able to see first-hand how your veggies are produced! You can even help out if you want... :)

    13 claimed

  • Private Rooftop Gardening Workshop For 8 People

    HKD 1500      Service

    At GrowingSmart.HK we genuinely believe that everyone should know at least a little bit about how to grow their own food. With space so limited in Hong Kong, that's very difficult for most of us. However, if you have enough light and enough space for a small pot - there's still a huge amount that you can still do. Book a private rooftop gardening workshop - for up to 8 people - to learn more!

    In this workshop you will learn:

    * the basics to begin growing your own veggies at home.
    * which veggies are now in season and you can start growing immediately.
    * how to take care of your veggies to keep them as healthy as possible
    * Natural fertilisers and home composting

    You will receive:

    A small pot, soil and some seeds to start growing. Lets all be part of the home-growing revolution!

    1 claimed

  • Team-Building Farm Day For Up To 8 People

    HKD 4000      Service

    A Unique Day With Us on Peng Chau Island.

    Our farm days are designed to work wonders for your company and your teams :) Start with a gentle hike around Peng Chau island and learn about the history, industries, myths and legends.

    This is followed by 2-3 hours on our farm where you are will help us with planting, building, infrastructure or any project we are currently working on. Not only will you learn about permaculture, our farm and the super interesting techniques we use. You will also work together in small teams and form genuine friendships and bonds that you can take back to the office.

    This really is a great day - useful, meaningful and productive for all.

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