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Holiday Gifts for Refugees | Gifts that Give Twice

HKD 50000 goal
HKD 18900 raised
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Gifts that Give Twice

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? By making a gift to RUN in *honour of a friend or family member, you’ll also be supporting a refugee who, unlike most of us, can’t celebrate the holiday season with family or in a place they can truly call home.

With your support, we have directly served 104 vulnerable refugees (43 women, 19 men, 45 children) in 2018 thus far. Your gift makes this possible.

Please consider making a special year-end tax-deductible gift to help us make an impact in 2019 and beyond.


*After making your gift you will receive an e-mail from RUN asking you to confirm the details of the recipient you'd like to make your gift in honour of. 

RUN Hong Kong

About RUN 


RUN rehabilitates vulnerable refugees in Hong Kong through running and other sports. Through its three core programmes, Sports, Study & Mentorship, and Leadership, RUN helps asylum seekers and refugees recover from past traumas in a warm, friendly and safe environment. When programme participants are ready, RUN supports them to develop skills for a more hopeful future.



Funds raised on this page will go to:

RUN - Rehabilitating refugees through running and beyond

Rehabilitating refugees through running and beyond

Get Perks
  • Race Transport And Supplies

    HKD 300      Goodwill

    Bring a refugee to a race, including transport, pre-race and post-race snack and electrolyte drinks

    2 claimed

  • Online Study Programme

    HKD 1200      Goodwill

    Support 3 refugees to complete online study, including wifi, transport to meet with the refugee's mentor and fees

    1 claimed

  • A Year Of Track Sessions

    HKD 5300      Goodwill

    Cover an entire year (48 weeks) of weekly track sessions for a refugee, including transport and one meal

    0 claimed

  • A Year Of Sport For A Refugee Mother

    HKD 14000      Goodwill

    Support one year (48 weeks) of sport for a vulnerable refugee mother including transport, childcare and meals

    0 claimed