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Ocean Swim for Refugees

As part of our 2018 CSR campaign at Profile, I will be swimming non-stop for around 13km in the open ocean around Hong Kong on 13th Oct and I’m looking for your support towards our cause! 

The funds raised will go towards supporting various sport and mental health related initiatives for the refugee population in HK. Specifically, we will be supporting the Christian Action Center for Refugees, the first and only community center which offers a fully comprehensive service for refugees in HK, and RUN HK. RUN stands for Rebuild, Unite and Nurture and provides trauma rehabilitation through sports and eduction for the most vulnerable refugees, mainly women, in Hong Kong.


There are around 10,000 asylum seekers currently residing in HK, including people who have been forced to leave their home countries due to religious persecution or human rights abuses. Many European countries accept up to 75% of asylum seekers as refugees – HK’s current refugee acceptance rate is 0.6%. Protection claims can take up to 10 years to be processed by the HK government during which time people do not have the right to work, and are afforded very little from the government by way of basic needs (HK$1,500 per month in rent, HK$13 per meal, etc).

I would very much appreciate your donation towards our efforts to support this worthy cause. Any amount, big or small, would be appreciated. Every dollar counts. Many thanks.

With the help of 4 volunteer kayakers (thank you!) I will be swimming from Clear Water Bay to Shek O - I have no idea how far this is, as no one’s done it before, but I’m guessing it is around 13km.  This will be a particularly difficult task, because:

  1. It is a very long way. In swimming terms 13km is the equivalent of running 1 and a 1/3 marathons (or 520 lengths of a 25 metre pool), and it will take me 3.5 - 4 hours…if I’m lucky.
  2. The wildlife! I will be covering some deep ocean on the way.
  3. The pollution!
  4. Boats – my route crosses 2 shipping lanes.
  5. I’m not a spring chicken - I have just recovered from shoulder surgery and back problems.








Funds raised on this page will go to:

RUN - Rehabilitating refugees through running and beyond

Rehabilitating refugees through running and beyond

Get Perks
  • One Year Of Sport For A Refugee Mother

    HKD 14000      Goodwill

    Your contribution could cover one year (48 weeks) of sport for a vulnerable refugee mother including transport, childcare and meals.

    0 claimed

  • Track Sessions For One Year

    HKD 5300      Goodwill

    Your contribution could cover one track session per week for a vulnerable refugee man, including transport and one meal for an entire year (48 weeks).

    0 claimed

  • Childcare Funds

    HKD 3000      Goodwill

    Your contribution could provide childcare for 60 refugee children to enable their parents to participate in our programmes.

    0 claimed

  • A Healthy Meal

    HKD 2000      Goodwill

    Your contribution could ensure 50 refugees get a decent meal after their training.

    5 claimed

  • Transportation Funds

    HKD 1000      Goodwill

    Your contribution could provide 15 refugees with transport to the trails to run.

    3 claimed

  • Gear

    HKD 500      Goodwill

    Your contribution could buy two pairs of sports socks and a bathing suit for a refugee.

    3 claimed

  • A Week's Activities For A Refugee

    HKD 110      Goodwill

    Your contribution could cover one track session per week for a vulnerable refugee man, including transport and one meal.

    5 claimed