Jakki & Liz are hiking the London Marathon to help PathFinders Bridge the Gap!

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We met and bonded over hiking.

And hiking and talking while hiking have kept us fit and sane over the last few months. When we saw a chance to join the 40th London Marathon it was the perfect opportunity to set a shared goal, celebrate our love for the trails of Hong Kong and raise money for PathFinders.

The 40th London Marathon is taking place on Sunday 4th October. 45,000 runners, hikers and walkers from over 81 countries and have 23 hours, 59 minutes to complete 42 km.  We will be trekking across Hong Kong Island's trails non-stop, raising funds for PathFinders as we do so. 

Why PathFinders? There are a lot of people in need right now, but migrant workers are particularly vulnerable – often cut off from families and marginalised, they have very little job security or resources. PathFinders is a Hong Kong charity that provices valuable resources to support migrant worker women and their children, such as prenatal and maternity care, shelter, food, health, education, counselling and legal support.

If you've read this far, yay; if you've donated an even bigger YAY! Thank you. Every dollar you donate will support their valuable work in Hong Kong. 

Find more info about PathFinders here

The 40th London Marathon 

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Liz Weselby

l love hiking, beaches and being outdoors.

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