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Refugee Union is the first self-organized society in Hong Kong where refugees help refugees

We registered as a society in 2014 to connect with Hong Kong residents and the community at large. We are comprised of about 2000 members from dozens of countries, including 800 children. We mainly support families as they are the most vulnerable and in need of urgent assistance.  

The Government provides a monthly welfare support of: $1500 for rent; $1200 for food; $300 for utilities and $200 for transport allowance to attend official appointments. This package remains unchanged since 2014 despite inflation rate. See

Put simply: we receive HK$40 a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Further, we are only permitted to use the food e-vouchers at Park'n'Shop where prices are higher than at wet markets, smaller supermarkets and neighbourhood groceries. This further reduces our spending power. 

HK$40 a day is simply not enough for three meals even shopping together. The Refugee Union distributes some essentials, often as bulk food donations, but we also need cash to buy what we need and eat from the local ethnic shops. 

High food prices are causing refugee families great difficulties as we don't have enough money to buy groceires for a month's supply. We receive food donations from some charities, but sadly it is not enough to meet the needs of our members,.

We beg for financial support to make ends meet and can provide receipts if required. For example, we received a cash donation from a social club and provided the receipts from Dah Chong Hong Food Mart after purchasing groceries.

Please support and help us spread the word to not only raise funds for the rent but to raise awareness!

We believe that together, we are stronger! 

Thank you in advance!


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Refugee Union

We are the union of protection claimants in Hong Kong with the aim of safeguarding refugee rights and improving the protection, wellbeing and future prospect of all refugees.