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About the Founders

A group of university students in Hong Kong, always pursue better and convenient lifestyle caring about the environment. Coming across expertise founders on different aspect, we hope to provide sustainable solutions to solve everyday common problem for our clients through SparkRaise. We are always open for new ideas and innovations.



Founders' story

Have you ever encountered the situation that you could not find any drinkable water instantly while you tired of bringing the bulky water bottle everywhere? Yet, buying bottled water from stores is too pricy or burdening our sick planet? Or simply there is no store around you because you are hiking in Sai Kung?

As a group of innovating and environmental-awaring students, we are dedicated to provide a sustainable solution to any of these problem that you might encounter in your daily life.

Ecpure is dedicated to quench your thirst instantly with our collapsible, filtering water bottle, which is light, easy to carry and affordable, offer you with high quality water.

Ecpure is here to standby to enhance your every single water experience.



  • 因為袋子未可容納您心愛的水樽?
  • 因為覺得每天購買樽裝水會成為地球暖化的幫凶?
  • 因為購買樽裝水過於昂貴?
  • 因為您附近根本沒有售賣樽裝水的商店?




Why Ecpure?


Water is the essential element of our life. More than 100 million plastic bottles are used worldwide every day. Why would people buy bottled water? In many countries, water is not safe on tap. Even they bring their own bottles, they still could not have drinkable water instantly, so they simply choose to go for the convenient bottled water, in alternative of bringing their own bulky water bottles.


An estimate of 1,500 plastic bottles end up wasted in the landfills or be thrown in the ocean every second. It takes 1 PET plastic bottle 700 years to start decomposing, these plastic bottle can last forever. Moreover, over-producing water bottles are also a threat, Companies' production on fancy bottles catalyzes the terrifying rate of people purchasing new water bottles. These polluting acts are the reason why EcPure is taking this opportunity.


水是我們生活的基本元素,我們堅信安全乾淨的食水是人類生存必不可取少的,每個人獲得乾淨食水的權利都應得到保障。每天,全世界使用超過 1 億個塑料瓶。那麼,為什麼普羅大眾會購買樽裝水?在許多國家,自來水未必乾淨,有些時候即使人們自備瓶子也無法即時找到可供飲用的乾淨食水。故此,人們會選擇去購買樽裝水以免卻自己攜帶水樽的煩惱。

現時,每秒鐘有 1500 個塑料瓶會棄置於堆填區或海洋中。由於幫助分解的細菌通常只能有效分解有機物質而非石油副廠品塑料瓶,故此每一個 PET 塑料瓶需要 700 年才會開始被分解。然而,從技術層面來說,塑料瓶甚至可以永遠不被分解。另一方面,除了塑料瓶外,普通可重覆使用的水樽也對環境構成威脅。由於不同公司為了滿足市場需要而生產了過量的花式設計水樽,人們購買新水樽的速度是非常驚人的,這種行為無疑對環境構成了不少程度的破壞。這就是為何我們想把握機會,讓每一位正在努力尋找乾淨食水的人,都能放心地安全飲用。EcPure 提供可折疊式過濾水瓶,它輕巧並便於攜帶,而且價格實惠。



About the bottle

  • Compressible for easy storage
  • Active carbon filtering layer
  • Filter lifespan up to 400L uses
  • Lightweight
  • Expanded volume of 355 ml
  • Taste and odor free
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 vibrate colour choices


  • 可折疊並便於攜帶
  • 活性炭過濾器
  • 過濾器可重覆使用 400 次以上
  • 輕巧便攜
  • 355ml 容量
  • 不會殘餘異味
  • 不含 BPA
  • 可供洗碗機使用
  • 5 款顏色選擇




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For everyone who struggle to search for instant drinkable water, ecopure is the bottle combining the feature of a collapsible and filtered water bottle that is easy to carry, light, convenient and affordable.

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