Fundraising for Brazil: Somos Todas Marias

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I am the co-founder of “Somos Todas Marias” and a big believer in the impact that enterprises can create with their transformative power to address the world’s biggest problems (e.g. poverty and gender inequality).

We are at the pilot phase to collect crucial funds to scale up for our next phase starting in the second half of 2020.

⭐️Here are our main achievements since January 2020:

  • Generated income (HK$1,200 per month) during 3 months to 50 women to support 90 kids 
  • Capacity building workshop delivered to 25 women about emotional intelligence, human rights, and financial literacy
  • 25,000 masks were locally produced and distributed to Poá, State of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Our plan for the second semester:                                                                  

  • Offer microcredit to “Marias” at fair interest rate.
  • Set up partnership with the industries, allowing "Marias" to buy quality products directly from the industry to consume in their businesses or resell them, representing an additional source of income. 
  • Transform our capacity building workshop in digital, amplifying our impact
  • Choose a second community to test "Somos Todas Marias" business model.   



Funds raised on this page will go to:

Marina N.

Reduce inequality and promote gender equality in Brazil by lifting up entrepreneurial women from favelas to thrive in life