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You may know Teddy Fung (RCC34506) with his iconic long socks from our previous Thursday night rides or from few sharing and interactions about coffee at our cafes.

Unfortunately, Teddy passed away recently in a bike accident at Route Twisk on 20th September 2020.

As his fellow club mate of the Rapha Cycling Club, I have started a fundraiser which tries to help his family in covering some cost of his funeral expenses and send our deepest condolences via the donations. His family obviously does not prepare for such loss as Teddy is the only son and financial contributor of the family.

Please consider donating if you can, as any amount will truly help. All the amount raised will be passed to Teddy’s family at his funeral which the date is TBC for now.

Thank you so much for your consideration.









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Funds raised on this page will go to:

Eddie Lam

Your Domestique from Rapha and RCCHKG