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Each one of us is a local somewhere. We’ve called a number of places home - whether it be Beijing, Nairobi, Mexico City, Casablanca, or Hong Kong. But we have also been foreigners a number of times. And during those times, we have recognized that too many of the struggles of foreigners revolve around money. We have spent too much time mapping out money exchange places close by, trying to understand what reasonable exchange rates are, or struggling to negotiate a decent deal.

That’s where EZexchange comes in. Through our user friendly application, we have facilitated the currency exchange process. Forget going out of your way with foreign currency. In fact, forget being foreign - we’re here to make you local wherever you go.



About EZexchange

Who is a Partner ?

Any person who has a stock of currencies can register through our Application as our Partner. Our Partners can be seen as the “Mobile Currency Exchange Store” who use their currencies in hand to exchange with the Users who have a need for certain currency.


Who is a User ?

Any person who have a need to exchange currency, and look for convenience can be our Users.

Meet Our Team

How Does EZexchange Work?

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1. Enter your request (currency and amount needed)
2. Choose a verified EZexchange partner nearby (they carry the amount of cash you need)
3. She will contact you and walk to your place to exchange money for you, then you can get the money you need right away. (Confirm received when the transaction is done)

Why EZexchange?


Operation Timeline

Where will the Funds Go?


100% of your funds will go towards the development and operation of EZexchange App, including:


  • Application development: compatible in both iOS and Android systems

  • Exchange Rate Auto-adjustment System: to monitor the market rate and update our daily rate

  • Promotion: advertisements on multiple channels including various social platforms






We have ideas and passion to ignite EZexchange. But your support is the fuel to drive it into a real business!

While our main revenue stream comes from the commision of every successful deal, we need capital to cover the initial cost for building the App and the System. With your HKD$30000 contributions and with some of our own invested capital, we will be able to build a minimum viable product of EZexchange. We foresee it to grow and achieve sustainability in long term.


If you want to make yourself a local by making currency exchange simple, SUPPORT us by being our backers and SHARE this good news with your friends!

Let's make yourself local wherever you go! ACT NOW!


Funds raised on this page will go to:


Making you local wherever you go

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