Lilian Chen is fundraising for Transform a life this Christmas

HKD 10,000 goal
HKD 6,050 raised

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Hi - I'm helping Impact HK raise funds for their "Transform a Life this Christmas".  Instead of Christmas presents this year, I hope we can make a meaningful contribution to our society and would love you all to join me on this journey!

More than 1,500 people will be sleeping on the streets of our city tonight as the pandemic has caused a 20% increase in homelessness. But work is a powerful way to break the cycle of homelessness. At ImpactHK we are empowering people to follow their hopes and dreams and helping them to create a better life for themselves through employment. Our target is to raise $1 million HKD in 24 days so that 8 people experiencing homelessness can transform their lives through work.

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Raising funds to help the homeless in Hong Kong