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RUN | Jayne's Melbourne Marathon Fundraiser

HKD 10000 goal
HKD 32030 raised
Campaign ended

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What does it mean to run for your life... or in this case, run for the life of another? Thanks to RUN Hong Kong, since the start of 2018 I have been running regularly with an incredible group of athletes - refugee and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. The mission of RUN is to help refugees in Hong Kong to Rebuild their lives physically and mentally, Unite as a community and with the community of Hong Kong at large, and Nuture one another through sport, food, friendship, and education. The Thursday evening track workouts that I regularly participate in are some of the finest, most enjoyable miles I put in each week. The spirit and joy that the athletes bring to the sport are incredible and truly inspiring.

However, the facts surrounding this community are profoundly sad. There are approximately 6000 refugee and asylum seekers in Hong Kong, where the UN Refugee Convention does not apply. Refugees are not permitted to work or volunteer, and yet they live in one of the world's most expensive and wealthy cities on only HK$1500 (US$190)/month for rent and HK$1200 (US$150)/month for food. The vast majority languish for years in Hong Kong, waiting for their claims to be recognized. RUN HK provides this community with invaluable support through a number of programmes that include Hiking to Heal (a women's sports programme), the Mixed Gender Track Training Programme (my favorite!!), a Study & Mentorship Programme, a Leadership Programme, and a Childcare & Children's Sports Programmes, as well as food, snacks, and emergency support. I encourage you to visit their website (https://www.runhk.org/) to learn more about this vulnerable community and what each of us can do to support it.

The Melbourne Marathon 2018 will be my 9th marathon overall, and my 7th marathon since 2015. However, it will be the first marathon I've run without a time goal. Instead, I intend tor run in celebration of the RUN HK athletes and for the pure joy of running. Thank you for visiting my page and supporting these incredible athletes!

Funds raised on this page will go to:

RUN - Rehabilitating refugees through running and beyond

Rehabilitating refugees through running and beyond

Get Perks
  • A Healthy Meal

    HKD 2000      Goodwill

    Your contribution will ensure that 50 refugees get a healthy meal after their training.

    1 claimed

  • Childcare Funds

    HKD 3000      Goodwill

    Your contribution will help us provide childcare for 60 refugee/ asylum seeker children to enable their parents to participate in our programmes.

    0 claimed

  • Transportation Funds

    HKD 1000      Goodwill

    Your contribution will provide 15 refugees with transport to and from our activities

    5 claimed

  • Gear

    HKD 500      Goodwill

    Your contribution will buy two pairs of sports socks and a bathing suit for a refugee.

    4 claimed

  • A Week's Activities For A Refugee

    HKD 110      Goodwill

    Your contribution covers one track session per week for a vulnerable refugee, including transport and one meal.

    2 claimed