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AIDS Walk 慈善步行 2020

Raise funds to provide direct care services to children, adults and the elderly suffering from HIV/AIDS in Hong Kong


Support AIDS Walk 慈善步行 2020

The Society for AIDS Care organized the first AIDS Walk at The Peak in 2002. This fun-filled family event raises funds to help children, adults and the elderly suffering from HIV/AIDS – a condition which affects thousands of people in Hong Kong.
愛滋寧養服務協會於2002年起每年在山頂舉行AIDS Walk,鼓勵公眾支持愛滋病病毒感染者,與他們並肩同行。該活動所籌募的款項將投入本會的服務,支援愛滋病病毒感染的兒童、成人及長者。

  • HK$2,000 supports 12 home visits by HIV care nurses 可以提供12次外展護士藥物督導或外展物理治療服務
  • HK$1,000 supports 6 Women Phone-in and Free HIV and Syphilis testing Services 可以推行6次女士諮詢熱線及免費愛滋病與梅毒測試服務
  • HK$500 supports 9 therapy group sessions at SAC Centre 支持9次活力中心治療性小組的推行

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year annual AIDS charity Walk is going virtual! With social distancing in place, you can complete the walk remotely and creatively in whatever ways convenient for you within the event period. You can walk in the neighbourhood, run on the treadmill, jog on the trail, even walk the dogs in park. Once you have completed your walk, we would love to hear from you. Please share your photos with us and connect with fellow participants through this event page. Your photos will be gathered and shared on 8 November 2020!
受到COVID-19疫情的影響,AIDS Walk 2020慈善步行將首次以新模式舉行!為了減少人多聚集而傳播病毒的風險,參加者可於活動期間親自設計合適自己的步行路線及完成步行。參加者可自由制訂步行路線,例如在居住的社區內、跑步機上、郊遊徑、甚至在公園內與寵物一同進行。請在完成活動後,分享活動的相片至活動專頁,本會將於11月8日分享參加者的相片,共同記錄盛事!

All participants will also get an official T-Shirt designed by DFT x JOYCE Group and a gift bag! Stay tuned for more details coming soon. 
所有參加者將收到由DFT x JOYCE Group為活動設計的限量版T-shirt及禮物包乙個。歡迎瀏覽本會的Facebook活動專頁,詳情將於稍後時間公佈。


Event Period 活動日期: 2020.10.1- 2020.10.31

Event Highlight 活動精彩重溫: 2020.11.8

Venue地點: Your designated place 自行制訂

Theme主題: Say No to Discrimination! 向歧視說不!


Categories and minimum fundraising amounts / 組別最低籌款額:

Individual adults個人(18+):$300

Individual個人(below 18 or over 60, or full-time students 18歲以下或60歲以上或全日制學生):$150

Group 團體(max. 2人)/ Family家庭(parents and max. 2 children below 18 years old 父母及最多2名18歲或以下小童)$500



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Tel 電話: (852) 2559 2006

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About the Society for AIDS Care:

The Society for AIDS Care established in November 1994, is a community-based and non-profit making charitable organization. It is the first non-governmental organization in Asia providing high quality direct patient care services to children, adults and elderly people who are living with HIV/AIDS and their care-givers in the community. Our professional service team consists of nurses, social workers, counselors and physiotherapists. We not only provide outreach services, but also centre-based services on care and prevention of HIV/AIDS, include drug supervision, therapeutic counseling, psychological support, physiotherapy, physical training, peers support, public education and volunteers training, etc. Our unique care service in the intervention to prevent mother-to-child transmission has successfully minimized the risk of HIV infection in this group.




We are committed to provide professional care service to the people living with HIV/AIDS to strengthen their self-care ability, build up their self-confidence and vision of positive living, so as to facilitate their full community reintegration.

我們承諾為愛滋病病毒感染者提供專業的關顧服務,以提升他們的自我照顧能力及幫助他們重建自信,並鼓勵他們積極面對人生,重投社會生活 。



AIDS Walk Committee Members

Committee Members for AIDS Walk 2020.

Funds raised on this page will go to:

The Society for AIDS Care

Asia's first NGO providing high quality direct patient care services to children, adults and elderly people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and their care-givers.