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What’s happening in Laos?

IMAGINE THIS — you wake up one day and suddenly your home is completely submerged in water, forcing you to leave behind everything you know and love. In Laos, over half a million people have had their lives destroyed by catastrophic flooding caused by tropical storm Podul, which brought the heaviest rainfall in a decade. Hundreds of schools have been closed as an estimated 102,000 people are displaced and 150,000 hectares of farmland lost.

Floodwater often contains untreated sewage, and exposure to floodwater can cause skin infections and illness, which can be prevented by handwashing with soap. Children are disproportionately affected by these hygiene-related illnesses if they play in floodwater areas or with toys that have been contaminated.

Now, more than ever, the people of Laos need your support.

This is why we are working with the Children’s Home Foundation in Vientiane to educate children on the importance of handwashing and to distribute soap to the flood-stricken areas in this time of need.

Currently, only 66% of primary schools in Laos have access to water supply and proper facilities. When a child is absent from school for an extended amount of time due to sickness, he or she can suffer academically, thus stunting their development.

On Global Handwashing Day, Children’s Home Foundation will host a handwashing event at schools in the 4 districts of Vientiane with the soap received from Soap Cycling. Promoting awareness of handwashing will prevent hygiene-related illnesses, raise attendance in classes and improve academic performance.

How You Can Help

Soap Cycling is partnering with the Children’s Home Foundation (CHF) in Vientiane for this campaign. Children’s Home Foundation empowers impoverished and disadvantaged youth by sponsoring students’ cost of tuition throughout their education. This October, they are planning a Global Handwashing Day campaign to distribute soap throughout Laos. Every dollar raised from this campaign will sponsor the shipment of soap to Laos to provide education on handwashing and distribute hygiene resources to remote and flood-affected areas in southern provinces Attapue, Champasak, Savannakhet and Saravan. Soap Cycling will be shipping 12,500 bars of reprocessed soap from Hong Kong to Nong Khai, Thailand before reaching its final destination in Vientiane, Laos. This is enough to provide 1,040 kids with a year's supply of soap!

Who We Are 

Soap Cycling, Asia’s first and largest soap recycling charity, was founded in 2012 by students at the University of Hong Kong with the mission to empower youth, reduce waste and improve lives through access to sanitation and hygiene resources. We work with the hospitality industry to collect, process, and distribute lightly used soap bars and bottled amenities. These life-saving items are then distributed to disadvantaged communities around the world, particularly Asia. 

In the past year, we were able to send 52,500 bars of soap to the Philippines following Typhoon Mangkhut and 12,500 bars of soap to Indonesia, only because of the generous support we received from Soaper Heroes around the world.

Will you donate today and be the Soaper Hero Laos desperately needs?



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