Scholarship for Humble-background Student to study in Li Po Chun United World College Hong Kong

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We are Class 2001 of LPCUWC, from 70+ nationalities and a diverse background. But one thing was common: We benefited from the quality United World College (UWC) education, and embrace the idea of international understanding, celebrating diversity and striving for world peace. Many of our lives were changed as a result of UWC education, and many of us are changing others' lives as we live out the values of what we learned. Please see a video of one of us on how we are trying to make the world a better and equal place.

Time flies and 20 years have passed. In our reunion, we hope to raise scholarships for humble-background students, from anywhere in the world, to benefit from the education that we received. HK$800,000 can support a full scholar to complete the two-year study at LPCUWC. The full amount would be donated to LPCUWC to decide on admitting a student with humble background to study at the College. In recent years, we have admitted students from refugee camps in Syria, ethnic minorities in Hong Kong from Cameroon, Pakistan and others. 

In today's world where we are presented with a wide range of challenges, from climate change to wealth gaps, we need a force of change to pass on to the younger generation. We appeal to you to join us in driving change, and give hope to students somewhere out in the world who have potential, but would  otherwise lose their future in the difficult circumstances they are facing. Thank you!




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Sunny Chau

I am interested in peace and development, especially in developing countries.

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Our mission is to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. - UWC