Urgent Safe Living Spaces for Hong Kong's Homeless

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on March 27, 2020 09:47 AM

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Update from Jeff, ImpactHK:

Thank you all SO much for your support!!

If you’d like a tax receipt for your donation please email our accountant Leo at

Thank you!!

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on March 25, 2020 09:27 PM

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Update from Jeff, ImpactHK:

What a day! Thank you! Thank you guys so much. Thank you so much for your amazing donations, your support and your trust in ImpactHK as a charity and the support that we give to the homeless. We have had a great day. We have really been grinding hard and helping as many people as well can. We’re meeting with people. We’ve met individuals who have been homeless for as little as 2 days, an individual who has been homeless for a week. A lot of job loss and a lot of people are seriously seriously struggling. How scary would it be being out there and not knowing where you’re going to sleep, not having a place to sleep. Thanks to your support, this has really given us as a charity the ability now to move ahead and really push to get as many people off the streets...

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Thank you!

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